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We operate in cyclical markets with structural growth. Since the countries in which we are active represent over 90% of the global HR services market, our strategy has been designed to capitalize on the structural growth in the markets in which we operate. Our strategic building blocks – strong concepts, best people, excellent execution and superior brands – represent our response to the external growth drivers and market trends we have identified in our industry. By combining these building blocks, we create value for all our stakeholders, which enables us to continue to expand our business in all five of our service concepts and achieve our strategic targets.

All stakehoders: optimal workforces for clients, the best jobs for candidates, expertise for a better society, the employer of choice for our employees, sutainability basics

building blocks

  • strong concepts

    Our service concepts reflect the needs of our clients and candidates. They are the foundation of our business. More on strong concepts can be found here.

  • best people

    This building block acknowledges the importance of our corporate staff in maintaining and building on our success and position in the market. More on best people can be found here.

  • excellent execution

    We use best practices across our businesses, which gives us an edge in the market place. More on excellent execution can be found here.

  • superior brands

    Our brands are instantly recognizable to clients and candidates, and by focusing on brand awareness, we strengthen our global offering. More on superior brands can be found here.

growth drivers

  • need for flexibility

    A workforce with the right degree of flexibility increases the productivity and competitiveness of our clients. By gaining more diversified experience, candidates become more competitive in the labor market and more attractive to employers. In addition they benefit through new work arrangements, such as flexible working hours, part-time work, and temporary work.

  • demographics

    Populations are changing. Scientific research clearly indicates that quantitative and qualitative skill shortages will become more acute in the future, led by an aging population and declining population growth in many Western countries. This will lead to higher mobility in the employment market and will drive future growth of our industry. Understanding and responding to changing demographics is vital to our future success.

  • deregulation

    Deregulation is a key market growth driver. We advocate the lifting of unjustified restrictions in overregulated markets, while pushing for a fair and effective regulatory environment in markets where this has yet to be introduced. We believe that the removal of restrictions will accelerate growth.

  • clients looking for a total offering

    Clients are increasingly looking for total service offerings with fewer suppliers. As a global leader, we are ideally positioned to provide clients with the right candidates and solutions.


  • EBITA margin of 5% to 6% over time, through revenue growth and mix improvement
  • continuous profitable market share gains
  • sound financial position with leverage ratio of between 0 and 2

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