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Strategic building blocks

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Strong concepts

All our service concepts are based on best practice and proven procedures, ensuring efficient working methods and excellence in service delivery. They can rapidly be replicated and leveraged in other markets, and are relatively easy to adapt to meet specific needs. The consistency of our service concepts and quality around the world means our international clients know they can trust Randstad to meet their needs anywhere.

Staffing and specialties

In many countries our staffing consultants have a dual role, not only serving their clients but also recruiting the candidates and making the match. This sets us apart from many competitors with separate sales and recruitment forces and enables us to make a better match. Furthermore, we preserve and document knowledge and best practices in our business concepts, in order to ensure that clients receive an offering that has been proven to work. Our service offering in staffing include many specialties: specific market segments on which dedicated units focus, such as healthcare, transport, airports and contact centers. Specialties leverage our extensive branch network, our brands and front-office processes to make an above-average contribution to EBITA.

Professionals and Search & Selection

We have the broadest and deepest offering in a wide range of professionals sectors and geographies. This diversified business mix is extremely helpful, especially in the worsening economic climate we faced in 2009. Most of our operating companies offer both professionals on a temporary basis as well as through permanent positions (Search & Selection).

HR Solutions

Our HR Solutions offering is designed to free up the time of our client HR managers, enabling them to concentrate on their company’s essential strategic HR issues. They are derived from and developed out of the Randstad’s extensive experience in HR services. A key offering within HR Solutions is presented by Randstad Managed Services (RMS), through which we take on primary responsibility for the organization and management of a client’s contingent force. Our RMS offering is largely built on knowledge that was available and best practices that had been developed within the Vedior organization. These services particularly useful for companies who want to have a single point of contact that can ensure transparency and compliance in their large volumes of professional skills for many different suppliers. RMS has experience with most vendor management systems technologies that are used to automate the hiring process flow and provide the client with statistical management information.

Also included within HR Solutions is a comprehensive range of HR project management, recruitment process outsourcing and HR consultancy offerings, such as outplacement, career management and HR administration outsources.

Inhouse services

Our inhouse services meet the structural needs of companies for large numbers of temporary workers. We work on site exclusively for each client and tailor our processes to their specific requirements, improving workforce flexibility, retention, productivity and efficiency.

Best people

"Best people&qout; acknowledges the importance of our people in maintaining and building on our success and position in the market. The true value of any business is in its people and we are very proud of our employees. At all times, even the difficult ones, we continue to invest in them and create the circumstances in which they can grow and provide excellent performance. We therefore deeply regret that the need to reduce costs during 2009 meant that we had to let more than 8,000 of our people go. Natural attrition is always high in our industry. Around half of total reduction of corporate employees in 2009 was achieved in this way. However, the other half was needed as well to align the cost base with decreased revenue.

Excellent execution

All of our activities are supported by standardized work processes, based on best practices, that enable us to spend more time with clients and candidates, provide clients with market-leading services, and thus gain market share. The excellent execution of our consultants is measured by the productivity of the unique units they work in. The unit steering model we employ in our staffing business is designed to optimize productivity as measured by employees working and/or gross profit per unit. Productivity measurement is key to generating strong conversion of gross profit growth into EBITA growth.

Superior brands

Our superior brands are our guarantee to our clients that they will receive the highest quality service and the best employees worldwide. They help us ensure that we attract the best candidates and corporate employees. Our superior brands give us better pricing options and the spontaneous awareness that facilitates selling, prospecting and the introduction of new products and services. They make it easier for us to recruit and retain the right people. They enhance our visibility and credibility with regulators and legislators. They provide us with more supportive investors and additional financing options.