The Randstad Group is a global leader in the HR services industry and specialized in solutions in the field of flexible work and human resources services. Our services range from regular temporary Staffing and permanent placements to Inhouse Services, Professionals, and HR Solutions (including Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Managed Services Programs, and outplacement). 
Geographically, Randstad is active in countries representing over 90% of the global HR services market, and our strategy has been designed to capitalize on the structural growth drivers in these markets. Randstad has defined four structural growth drivers for our industry. These are (1) a need for greater flexibility and outsourcing, (2) changing demographics, (3) favorable developments in regulation, and (4) a continued demand among our clients for a total offering. 

As the leading innovative player in HR services, digital transformation is a very important pillar of our overall strategy going forward. This is part of our broader Tech & Touch strategy. As digitalization is rapidly changing the way we live, the way we do business, and the way people work and connect to jobs, new online HR solutions are fundamentally changing the way in which clients and candidates want to be served.  By combining our human touch with technology-driven solutions and tools, we aim to offer both clients and candidates the best tools and solutions for increased efficiency and engagement, connecting more people to more jobs.

Shareholder value is of utmost importance to us.  Our dividend policy: we pay out 40-50% of adjusted net earnings in dividend.  As long as our net debt to EBITDA is below 1.0 (FY 2016: 0.8), we pay an all cash dividend.  We generally have an active M&A strategy, but only if acquisitions deliver the right returns. We maintain an active, open and transparent dialogue with the financial community.

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