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Having as many people as possible in jobs is a good thing for society as a whole. It makes companies productive and it provides people with a fulfilling life. It is our ambition to be an employer of choice ourselves, so that we can continue to attract the best people, who in turn will provide our clients with the excellent execution they need. In this way, we can contribute to a better society, leveraging the experience and expertise we have gained over more than 55 years. As such, we help to maximize future employment and economic growth. On a daily basis, Randstad helps some 600,000 people to find work, with over 100,000 people placed into permanent positions each year.

Since the introduction of our core values, we have aspired to grow sustainably, our aim being to safeguard the business and its long-term viability, while taking the interests of all stakeholders into account, and making our business increasingly relevant to all parties involved. This aspiration is clearly reflected in our core value of 'simultaneous promotion of all interests'. As a result, we adhere to the integrated reporting guidelines for the structure of our annual report.

The combination of our strategic building blocks will enable us to serve the interests of our stakeholders and to create real and lasting value for all of them. Our four stakeholder groups are:

  • Clients;
  • Candidates;
  • Employees;
  • Society (including shareholders).

As helping people to find work is the key driver, it supports the role of Randstad towards society. The same objective also directly translates into the company's financial ambitions. This connection is a huge inspiration for our corporate employees.

The diagram 'Creating value through our strategy' shows how our strategic building blocks and our stakeholders relate to each other





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