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By finding employees the work they are best suited for, and by finding employers the candidates who best fit into their organization, we create value for society as a whole. It is our ambition to be an employer of choice, helping us to continue to attract the best people, who in turn will provide our clients with the excellent execution they need. It enables us to contribute to a better society, as we can leverage our experience and expertise, which we have gained over more than 50 years. As such, we help to maximize future employment and economic growth. Since the formulation of our core values in the 1970s, we have aspired to grow sustainably, our aim being to safeguard the business and its long-term viability, while taking the interests of all stakeholders into account, and making our business increasingly relevant to all parties involved. This aspiration is clearly reflected in our core value 'simultaneous promotion of all interests'.

Our strategy has been designed to capitalize on the structural growth in the markets in which we operate. Our strategy is illustrated hereafter. It is composed of a number of primary components. Our four strategic building blocks – strong concepts, best people, excellent execution and superior brands − are our response to the external growth drivers and market trends we have identified in our industry. These are explained in more detail in the section 'growth drivers'. Our strategic building blocks only truly work in unison: strong concepts are of little value without the right people to make them work, and excellent execution is impossible without the right concepts and the best people. Only when all three of these building blocks come together in perfect unity can you create that fourth essential building block, superior brands. The combination of our strategic building blocks will enable us not only to serve the interests of our stakeholders, but also to create real and lasting value for all of them − our clients, our employees, our candidates and society at large.

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