The minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders held on March 31, 2016 are now available. Should you have any questions, please contact the company secretary, Jelle Miedema (; tel. + 31 20 5695600). 


Title date
AGM minutes_31 March 2016_English  29/6/2016
AvA notulen 31 maart 2016_Nederlands  29/6/2016
AGM voting results  31/3/2016
Agenda AVA 2016_Nederlands  18/2/2016
Agenda AGM 2016_English  18/2/2016
Oproep AVA 2016_Nederlands  18/2/2016
Notice AGM 2015_English  18/2/2016
AGM voting results
Dividend 2014.English
Dividend 2014.Dutch
Remuneration report extended version 2014


Type of share number of outstanding no. of voting rights during AGM
Ordinary shares 182,865,162 182,865,162
Preference shares B   25,200,000    3,600,000
Preference shares C1   14,566,133    1,000,000
Preference shares C2   35,564,219    4,600,000
Total     258,195,514     192,065,162 

Important matters that require the approval of the (Annual) General Meeting of Shareholders are:

  • adoption of the annual accounts
  • adoption of profit appropriation additions to reserves
  • dividends
  • remuneration policy
  • discharge from liability of the executive board for the management
  • discharge from liability of the supervisory board for the supervision of the management
  • appointment of the external auditor
  • appointment, suspension and dismissal of the members of the executive board and the supervisory board. Their appointment is based on non-binding recommendations from the supervisory board
  • remuneration of the supervisory board
  • authorization to purchase, issue or sell shares in the Group’s capital
  • adoption of amendments to the Articles of Association

Further details about the proposals which the executive board or the supervisory board can submit to the meeting and the procedure according to which shareholders themselves can submit matters for consideration by the meeting, are specified in the company’s Articles of Association. If such matter would result in a change of the company’s strategy, the executive board shall be given the opportunity to stipulate a reasonable period in which to deliberate, consult and respond.

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